FoldAR® MoBetta™ Complete Upper – 16″ [.300 AAC Blackout]



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The 2023 FoldAR® Complete Upper is the pinnacle of compact AR add-on technology, and it just got MoBetta™! Our latest generational improvements include:

-Quick Change Barrel System, allowing the operator to swap calibers and barrels lengths faster and more reliably than any other weapon system on the market.

-Combined with Bootleg Inc.'s Adjustable-Gas BCG, swapping barrels lengths, calibers, and suppression has never been more convenient.

-Modular handguard, allowing armorers three different lengths to choose from, reduced weight, and room to experiment with aftermarket gasblocks.

With FoldAR's patented folding barrel upper, you can configure your standard AR-15 into an extremely versatile weapon system having the highest level of concealability possible without sacrificing any areas of performance, reliability, weight, or safety. Deployment and stowage only takes a matter of seconds and is an extremely simple and reliable process, allowing you to quickly and efficiently carry and transport the Ar-15 platform in ways never before possible! Continuing last year's improvements, the FoldAR comes standard with Bootleg, Inc.'s 4-way Adjustable Gas Bolt Carrier Group, best in-class of all BCG's offered today.

Create and configure your ideal weapon system package with the FoldAR® MoBetta™ Barrel Assembly add-ons. The FoldAR® MoBetta™ Barrel Assembly is interchangeable within seconds, allowing you to configure an "all-applications" weapon system kit within one easily transportable package.

Important Notes:

    1. FoldAR® MoBetta™ Barrel Systems are only for owners of a 2023 FoldAR® MoBetta™ firearm or complete upper.
    2. Not interchangeable with third part upper receivers or 2018-2022 FoldAR® products.
    3. Swapping between 6.5 Grendel and .300 AAC Blackout or 5.56x45 NATO requires a bolt/BCG swap.
    4. Swapping between .300 AAC Blackout and 5.56x45 NATO does not require a bolt/BCG swap.
    5. A complete FoldAR® MoBetta™ weapon system kit consisted of: one FoldAR® MoBetta™ 9" Pistol firearm, one FoldAR® MoBetta™ 12.5" Barrel System, and one FoldAR® MoBetta™ 16" Barrel System.
Caliber .300 AAC BLACKOUT
Barrel Length 16"
Gasblock Fully Adjustable (.750" Diameter)
Barrel Twist 1:7
Muzzle Device A2 Compensator: 1/2"-28
Barrel Material & Coating 4150 Alloy Steel - QPQ "Melonite" Black Nitride
Bolt Carrier Group Bootleg, Inc. Adjustable Gas BCG (MPI-Tested Bolt) - Polished Black Nitride
Rail Configuration Magpul M-Lok
Finish MIL-A-8625 (Type 3/Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized)
Product Generation 2023 MoBetta

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in


Barrel Length







2023 MoBetta


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