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The FoldAR Pistol Stabilizing Brace is the bottom-line alternative to expensive, ugly, and bulky braces and stabilizers! FoldAR once again steps away from the crowd with this stylized brace. Made in the USA from textured high-glass content nylon, you will not find a better value brace anywhere! Keep your standard buffer tube for a simplified installation process, simply remove your Mil-Spec stock and slide FoldAR’s Pistol Stabilizing Brace over the standard Mil-Spec buffer tube and tighten two set screws.

*Brace position may be adjusted manually with the 2 setscrews. It has been specifically designed NOT to be a quick-adjust in order to comply with NFA requirements when used in conjunction with Dead Foot Arms MCS folding stock adapter and a standard buffer tube, which when installed in the forward-most position provides a 13.4-inch “length of pull” (just under the maximum 13.5″ allowed by ATF). The brace should not be modified in any way and do not install a vertical forearm grip on an AR pistol in order to maintain compliance with NFA regulations. Customers wishing to upgrade to this brace bears the responsibility of removing the old components and installing the new components through the use of a certified gunsmith.

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